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26 Oct, 2014

​When lies and half-truths rule the Washington op-ed pages, danger lurks — RT Op-Edge

In the West, Russian media is often accused of propaganda. If this really is the aim of the Russian press, they aren’t remotely as good at it as the Washington Post.

Let’s talk about propaganda and the Western media’s use of ‘star’ columnists to spout it. Let’s, especially, focus on when that vitriol is deliberately inaccurate. This week’s best example is the Washington Post columns.

The Post used to be perceived as a great newspaper, but those were different times. It has won 47 Pulitzer Prizes and under Philip Graham’s direction it became regarded, globally, as a beacon of honest reporting. It’s now owned by the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, who was named the world’s worst boss at this year’s International Trade Union Confederation World Congress in Berlin. The ITCU is not some fringe body – it represents 180 million workers. Some accolade, eh?

“Amazon operating in Germany treats its workers as if they are robots. The company makes no secret that within just a few years they will replace workers with robots. A rich American corporation operating globally with disdain for dignity, for rights for working people,” stated Sharan Burrow, the ITCU’s General Secretary. The halcyon days of the Post are over and, in a hardly surprising move, that story didn’t get their, once famed, forensic coverage.

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