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18 Aug, 2014

′Peace is the only way to give Gaza safe water′ – DW.DE

DW: How has the current bombardment affected water infrastructure and supply in Gaza?

Amir Dakkak: Since July 29, almost all of the population has little or no access to clean water. Three of the five wastewater treatment plants have been hit directly. That led to sewage going into the Mediterranean Sea directly, up to 90,000 liters [24,000 gallons] per day. It has become too dangerous for workers to perform any maintenance on the damaged water infrastructure, so they can’t repair it and provide clean water to the public. A lot of the water infrastructure had already been affected by earlier bombing in 2012, 2008 and 2009.

Amir Dakkak is a Palestinian Environmental Scientist, educated in Edinburgh, Scotland and currently living in Dubai.

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